ICE MAGIC Interlaken

The ICE MAGIC will not be held in 2024.

It becomes apparent that this winter, as already announced, an innovative alternative will be created on the Höhematte. From Saturday, 13 January to Sunday, 3 March 2024, the Winterlaken Labyrinth of the Tourismus-Organisation Interlaken and partners will enchant you on the Höhematte. Look forward to a unique winter experience - as big as a football field. 

As at 7 September 2023

Information about the continuation of ICE MAGIC

According to the Communal Council of Interlaken, a revision of the concept and a radical cost reduction is required to ensure the financial viability of the ICE MAGIC in the medium term. There is a lack of financial resources for the realisation of the ICE MAGIC within the known framework. It needs a change - innovation. In this case, innovation can mean an adapted continuation of the event. At the moment, however, the indications are that an alternative innovation will take place.

New ideas and innovative alternatives are being examined. Locals and guests should be able to look forward to an illuminated and lively Interlaken in the coming winter.

As at 3 May 2023