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Culinary highlights are just as much a part of ICE MAGIC as is snow in winter. Delicious hot chocolate and heart-warming mulled wine are a given, as is a tasty fondue. But Ice Magic has more to offer too...
Fine cuisine awaiting you includes everything from hörnli and ghackets to chäsbrätel as well as tarte flambee and specialities from our own highland smoke house and much more at the stands on the plaza and at the SWISS CHALET.


The culinary centre of Top of Europe ICE MAGIC Interlaken for tasty, traditional cuisine to complete your ice-skating adventure. Enjoy a range of treats perfect for the winter, including cheese fondue, mincemeat with macaroni, as well as potato, leeks and vegetables with Vaud saucisson.

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Piazza with Winter Lounge

The Top of Europe ICE MAGIC Piazza is a friendly meeting area for skaters and other sociable people who wish to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere at Top of Europe ICE MAGIC. It is integrated with the Winter Lounge, which, with its covered seating, is a very pleasant place to relax.
You can now enjoy food and drink in a heated marquee adjacent to the piazza.

6 stalls complement the above offer, and serve such tempting treats as striezel (German pastries), products from a highland smoke house, tarte flambee, French fries, Älplermagronen, chäsbrätel and much more.

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«Sweet, savoury, mouth-watering!» treats to set every gourmet’s pulse racing – ranging from the «Naturaplan Mini Bretzel» to «Jamadu Apfel-Chips» - are available at the Coop Kiosk open daily from 12:00 - 18:00h.

ICE MAGIC Interlaken
c/o Jungfrau World Events
3800 Interlaken
+41 (0)33 826 00 90

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