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The «Chance Winter» association is responsible for the organisation and marketing of Top of Europe ICE MAGIC Interlaken.
Members of the association include Interlaken Tourism, Jungfrau World Events and the Interlaken Hotel Association. Jungfrau World Events has provided for the office and place of business.
ICE MAGIC Interlaken
c/o Jungfrau World Events
3800 Interlaken
+41 (0)33 826 00 90

Interlaken Tourism
Marktgasse 1
CH-3800 Interlaken

P 0041 33 826 53 00

Daniel Sulzer, Direktor
Hotel Bären
Oberdorfstrasse 1
CH-3812 Wilderswil

P 0041 33 827 02 02

Bernard Müller, Präsident

Jungfrau World Events GmbH
Schulhausstrasse 5a
Postfach 84
CH-3800 Interlaken-Unterseen

P 0041 33 826 00 90

Lorenz Krebs, Manager

Verein «Chance Winter»:
Jungfrau World Events GmbH, 3800 Unterseen

Daniel Sulzer
Lorenz Krebs