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Plenty of curves, endless variety, novel, fascinating! A truly amazing ice skating experience awaits you here at Top of Europe ICE MAGIC.
Apart from the main ice rink (755m2) there are four other smaller rinks, including a great practice area (250 m2) for the children to use. The separate ice rink has a transparent roof, while the ice rink to the side of it are uncovered.
Totalling around 450 metres, the runways (ice trails) link the individual rinks with each other. Ice cleaning is carried out each day after 16:00 h and then the separate rink is available for curling with colleagues, family or friends or for company events and club outings.

Amazing lighting in the evenings transforms Top of Europe ICE MAGIC into a fairy-tale winter landscape.

ICE MAGIC Interlaken
c/o Jungfrau World Events
3800 Interlaken
+41 (0)33 826 00 90

Further information

The power to operate the ice is produced by the energy company IBI Interlaken from environmentally friendly hydropower.

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Top of Europe ICE MAGIC
Top of Europe ICE MAGIC